Program for Advanced Students

Our advanced classes, takes the willing student from Blue belt all the way to Black Belt and beyond. Intermediate and Advanced Taekwon-Do techniques are covered. Self-defence is also included, along with sparring, board breaking and weapons training.

In addition to the standard Spirit Taekwon-Do classes, Blue belts and above are encouraged to train with Master Anderson (VII Degree).

Classes are held in the Colney Heath Village Hall, High Street, AL4 0NS.

For the younger members, Monthly sessions are held on Saturday mornings (11.30-1.00pm).

Please note - Black belts are welcome to attend the Blue and Red belt training on the Saturday dates.

For older members (14+), Monthly sessions are held on Wednesday evenings from 8.30pm.

Please see the table below for 2014 training dates (dates subject to change).

Month Blue & Red belts Black belts
January 4th (Sat) 8th
January 22nd  
February 1st (Sat) 5th
February 19th  
March 1st (Sat) 5th
March 12th 15th (Sat)
April 12th (Sat) 2nd
April 23rd  
May 3rd (Sat) 7th
May 21st 17th (Sat)
June 7th (Sat) 4th
June 18th  
July 12th (Sat) 9th
July 23rd  
August 2nd (Sat) 6th
August 20th  
September 3rd 3rd
September 6th (Sat) 20th (Sat)
October 4th (Sat) 1st
October 22nd  
November 1st (Sat) 5th
November 19th 29th (Sat)
December 10th 10th
December 13th (Sat)  


Dates are subject to change. Please check website regularly before attending.


Whether you are interested in our classes for mental or physical well being, Spirit Taekwon-Do offers a number of classes that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule.




All classes are high energy with positive reinforcement and individualized motivation.



Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit